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So, last weekend I went on vacation. Alex and I traveled down to Danville Kentucky. We stayed with Kim and her roomate Leslie. And all we did was smoke weed, all day. It was so close to a dream that when I got home I really questioned if I had ever left. There are some long stories, but I'll sum up the trip in a list.

  • We didn't get started until 6pm, because it takes four hours to get there and Kim didn't get off until ten.
  • Alex's car... blew up. He literally blew his motor up as soon as we got on the interstate. We're smoking chronic and his car is shaking like crazy on the interstate. I start to panic but he keeps it cool. Luckily we were by a closed weighstation and we just pulled in there. And he lost power steering.
  • AAA wouldn't help us. We had no choice but to call his rents. He dad said that he and his bff [Brad] would come out & help us.
  • We decided to clean out the car & a cop shows up. He asks if everything is okay and I totally freeze. This haults our idea to smoke out in the meantime.
  • The cop finally lazers someone speeding so he goes away. We celebrate his departure by smoking a bowl.
  • His dad gets there and surprise he brought the Jeep for us to continue the journey in. How sweet, seriously.
  • We get back on the road and continue smoking. Bad idea because we get hungry and have to stop about McDonalds, making us even more late. Yeah, we were stranded for over three hours.
  • We get to Danville a little after one and we try to call Kim but she doesn't pick up. We get pissed off and park downtown on the street. Little did we know, we parked right in front of her apartment! Exciting.
  • There's a party going on at her place and everyone there reminds me of characters in the movie "Waiting". My favorite person was this cook named Lavar who told me to "Stay black." Yeah, it's love.
  • I drank screwdrivers like it was my j-o-b and we smoked in her bathroom until Mama Pat tried to break down the door. [Mama Pat being this insane hispanic woman who works with Leslie. She was so animated I don't even know if she was real.]
  • Everyone leaves and we drunkely walk to speedway to get munchies. We come back & watch Aquateen and smoke five bowls before bed.

  • Saturday morning Kim wakes me up to smoke a blunt. Best wake-up ever.
  • We ordered a pizza and watched movies and smoked all day.
  • Kim got home from work and we all took showers and watched tv.
  • My mom called me and I was so obviously stoned and she was all "Are you okay? You sound tired, Lindsey."
  • We went down the block to get coffee and we sat outside and drank coffee and smoked cigarettes. Until Kim spotted her aunt, then we ran down the street to hide.
  • We decided to go to a movie, but we drove around for like forty minutes smoking. Did you know that Rick Dees lives in Danville. He does, and apparently he's a great tipper.
  • We see Jarhead and I'm incredibly fucked up so the movie feels like it lasts maybe half an hour.
  • We leave and go to Ashley's apartment to hang out. Only lame people are there and I spend like twenty minutes in the bathroom, just thinking. Kim and I chugged a beer and left.
  • Another smoke cruise, then we went home. Ocean & Spencer were there, rolling a blunt. They had gotten arrested earlier that day for drinking & driving. Leslie had some guys over who were in the National Guard and they were such hillbillies. It was hilarious. They kept annoying Ocean, asking him all of these questions. For some reason, they had Cuban cigars. And we watched American History X and it was incredibly weird and uncomfortable since Ocean is black and the army guys were such hicks.
  • We smoked a blunt and I was gone. I laid down in Kim's bed, just to rest.
  • I got up, drank some whiskey with the Army guys & smoked bowl after bowl with Alex and Leslie.
  • Then we passed out.

  • Sunday we woke up at three in the afternoon and we smoked with Kim as soon as she got home from work.
  • Jody, a 35 year old guy, who runs a bakery downtown came over and smoked us all out with this awesome blunt. Like, I was retarded.
  • We went to O'Charlie's and had dinner & talked to Leslie.
  • Blah blah. Smoked some more. Hung out with Spencer, Ocean, Leslie and Kim.

    And now I'm going to do acid tomorrow morning. Haha. Who does acid in the morning? Alex, Ryan and I do. His mom goes to work at six thirty & we're meeting up at Ryan's house at seven. I'm nervous, but I'm going to do it.
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    shit girl, I'm glad you had fun! let me know how the acid goes. I hope that you're okay. <33333333
    The acid was a no go. I even got up early and everything. Ryan's mom will be home at five and he was too paranoid, thinking that we'd still be all fucked up then.