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Okay. So I'm mega excited because I just checked the UPS website & found out that my order should arrive tomorrow. OHH eff yes.
And you know what tomorrow is? My first day off since last Sunday. Wee hee.
I kind of wish that I didn't have plans so I could just lay around all day, take cold medicine to get over this bullshit, watch movies, smoke a few bowls & write. But, tomorrow I have to..
1. go to the bank & deposit my check
2. get my hair cut & eyebrows waxed
3. go to meijer or wal mart to pick up some random things [lotion, bath sponge, one of those cooling eye mask things and more]
4. return movies
i forgot something, i'm sure of it.
5. shop for clothes
6. go to Hurricane relief concert

Then Saturday I work 10-4, then I plan on doing nothing but overdosing on cold medicine & playing with my Mp3 player, bitches.

So, since I'm sick, I'm terrified it might be something really serious. Lately I've been really worried of catching something from a customer at work. You see, a lot of people come in who are, how do you say, nasty. And I'm not talking about they just stink or whatever. There's this one guy who comes into the store RIGHT out of his pig farm. Yeah. And I don't know if it's something genetic, but there are soo many people who come in and their fingernails are covered or maybe even replaced with fungus.
I spent HOURS the other night thinking of all the bullshit I could catch.
And then last night my mom says "Oh, you might have to get a TB test."
Yeah. Long story short, the husband of one of her coworkers tested positive for TB.

I think I want to move to the desert & trip constantly.
And write some.
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