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So, I think I'm going to buy am mp3 player. Yes, I'm the last person w/o one, don't hate.
I'm soo not typical, so I'm going to say "fuck ipod". I only say this because they're no longer selling apple green minis. What the fuck?
I cruised, and I think I've narrowed it down to two.

Anyone own a really outstanding mp3 player? I need some feedback, since I'm basically retarded on this subject. Since I'm poor, I'm only willing to spend $200 or less.


Life is going well.
I got six hours of sleep TOTAL last weekend. Two parties two nights. SAM WAS HOME!! Gosh, I missed her like mad. I saw the place where her & her mom are moving. It needs a little fixing up & we made plans to paint her shed. I'm excited like a child about that. I've always wanted to paint some crazy ass mural on a building.
Yeah. I'm that lame.

Uh. What else.
I got really high after work today & then drove back to give Andy a cd and I chickened out & put it on his car. Only, I was really high so I just sat there for like ten minutes, trying to really process what I was doing. I decided I'd put eye drops in and I get them all over my face and notice that Joy, the boss' wife is watching me.
Oh well.
She hates me soo much, it's ridiculous.
Then I came home ate & drank so much I threw up, but all things considered, it was a good day.
I worked 7-5.
That's all I do now, work.
I get 43 hours this week.
I need to get a new drug habit or have a pregnancy scare to stir things up.

Back to the mp3 player.
I keep thinking "Yeah! I should buy it! I'll just put it on my Visa."
But, my visa balance is insane, considering the fact that I only really put impulse purchases on it. I bet I've charged $200 in cigarettes, red bull & munchies for when I'm stoned.
That's kind of scary.
Damn. I wish I had a sugar daddy.

Or, I wish I could manage my money better.

I think I'm going to be more responsible & actually do something with my life.
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