Lindsey (voglio_cambiare) wrote,

i fell out of a house.

Tuesday I got really stoned and fell out of a house.
And everyday since then I've gotten so stoned I could have fell out of a house.

Ryan & his neighbor made this bong out of stuff that could be found in a ditch. LIKE a traffic cone, two peices of rubber tubing, a frisbee and like twenty nails. I'm in love with it and I think they should sell them.

Hmm. What else.

Yesterday I had the day off & all I did was lay out in the sun, smoke, read The Rum Diary, and drink iced tea. God it was nice.
Then I decided I wanted to get some more records, so I went to Goodwill & got this bombass turtle ashtray.

Then blah blah.
I went to Ryan's neighbor's house and smoked out in his backyard then went to Alex's house to watch a movie then we smoked in his yard. I took Ryan home again & I don't think he hates me anymore.
When Alex is in Colorado, I'm going to invite Ryan to go to the movies with me or something. I little reconnection.

Anyway. I'm actually updating to let everyone know that I have aim again.
the classy broad- that's my name.
add me.
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