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life is boring and stupid.

Haha. Everyone at work thinks I'm a drug-addicted lesbian. Okay, so maybe they're kind of right, but I'm not one hundred percent either of those. But since I like ladies and drugs make me forget about how much life sucks everyone thinks they know what's up. I got a horrible bug bite on my inside of my arm and it kind of looks like a track mark. And I got a bloody nose at work the other day.

I'm so obsessed with Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas. I can't sleep unless it's playing as background music. And I've decided I'm going to get lost in the desert and eat peyote like it's my j-o-b. I know it's typical but sometimes it's fun to be cliche. Like when I get stoned to Sublime. Or like when I drink and listen to country music. Or like when I sneak out of work to smoke cigarettes in my car.

I'm in a bad mood. Like a depressed, helpless, hopeless mood.
I've tried everthing.
Eating my pain.
Smoking away my pain.
Sleeping away my pain.
Drinking away my pain.
So, I think I'm just going to fuck it away & call it a day.

What else?

I'm super jealous.
And I'm lazy, super lazy.
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