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on the next plane to you.

I snuck out of my house at 2:15 this morning. Alex & I met up and talked like the silly girls we are. I feel so bad for him. His friend from Florida is here and he hates him. This kid, Forest, is as clueless as the days are long. He basically embodies everything that is annoying. He doesn't get anything with any degree of depth, he's too interested in Harry Potter [gag me w/ a spoon], McDonalds and talking about how he's a top... then telling Alex he wants to fuck him. What a top.
Yeah. So I don't even know what was wrong with Alex when he hooked up with this child. He's so anti-Alex's type. From his dyed blonde hair, to his ultra "faggy" eyebrows [seriously, they're like one inch long. it kind of looks like he only has one eyebrow hair over each eye... then he uses mascara to really make it look mega classy] to his lame ass vocabulary. He'll randomly look over at Alex and go "Muy Bien" and then raise his eyebrows and lick his lips.
Clearly, he deserves to die.
In case anyone is wondering why he's here, he bought the plane tickets the day Alex left. This was while Alex's judgement was clouded with drugs, aparently. It's so sad because he's just obligated to be with this lameass this week.
It makes for good jokes.

Anyway, we drove around and talked. He almost cried because he wishes Forest would just die. I made the pain better by dancing to Ciara & packing a bowl. [Oh, this is how I'm such an amazing friend. I went to visit Alex at work yesterday and he was talking about how he needed drugs to put up with Forest. I gladly pulled my super secret cigarette box containing my tiny bowl & the green out of my purse and gave it to him. That's what friends are for.] We got really stoned and kept saying
"Hey Randy!"
"The Devil"
"The devil's right fucking there!!"
Then I scream and geek out. And he does his stoney laugh and about wrecks.
Then we get really hungry so we go to Sunshine Cafe and both order peach cobbler & dance to Styx. We're so random.
Awww. On the way up there we started brainstorming things we love. We kept saying the same thing at the same time. It's strange sometimes how we do that, but mostly it's comforting.

Oh. I didn't mention what I did before I snuck out. I went to Sam's house. I met her new boyfriend, Victor and hung out with them & David & Brett. Oh my, I love David. I call him Johnny Cobain and he's probably the most caring person I've ever fucking met. Victor's chill, he reminds me of this actor but I forgot who. Oh yeah, the dorky kid from The Breakfast Club! That's him. Anyway. Samantha is such a stoner. We all made plans to go see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and get fucked up. Yeah, this is the same Sam who broke up with Ryan cause he smoked.
It kind of blows my mind.
I love hanging out with new people. Especially when they're all "Oh my god, Lindsey's so awesome."
But I'm still my number one fan.
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