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amazing is a word I use a lot.

I just had a night that made me smile so much my face hurts.
Alex & I made it a movie night at his house. We watched Coffee and Cigarettes and we fell in love. We not only want to make a movie about our lives, but we also want to open our own coffee & cigarette bar. We came up with all of these elaborate ideas of how to decorate it, who would come, what we would serve, and just everything.
We're so idealistic, but it fits.
We paused the movie halfway through and went outside to smoke a cigarette. We giggled and stumbled down his stairs and stood outside his garage, with cigarettes in hand. We talked briefly about how we were headless to each other. It was sooo erie, I could only see him from the neck down.
So we laid down in his driveway and looked up at the stars. It was all hazy so we could only see three, but they were absolutely beautiful.
We came inside & fell in love with Bill Murray.
He took me home and we cruised and listened to the Duets soundtrack.
I really love Alex more than words can ever begin to describe. He and I are closer that I could even fathom. We don't even have to talk, we just understand each other.
It's like he's my gay sister from another mister.

Thursday: After work I went to Sam's to hang out since I haven't seen her in forever. She talked a lot about college, which depresses me. I've been thinking a lot about how college is kind of a trap for people. I mean, it's pushed so much, so much that it's the only option anymore. I guess I'm just rocking out and being a slacker, maybe that's just it.
Anyway, I still had fun because we got our prank call on. We're so ridiculous.
Just as I said something about pranking Jerrod, he called me. He was sloppy ass drunk and begged me to come over and hook him up with a "juicy j." I told him he was silly and hung up on him. He called me back and told me never to do such a thing again. And then begged me some more. He even got Craig on the phone and Dustin too. So, I did.
And it was too silly.
I get out there and Jerrod leans into my car and falls in my lap. Weird. He's so anti-affectionate when he's sober. I start to just pull my weed out to hook him up, but he's all "aren't you going to party with us?" So I did. Jerrod was insane. He drove his lawnmower through the back of his garage, threw my lighter so hard it shattered, kissed my hand, hit my hand with a hammer, stuck the lit end of a cigarette in his mouth and gave me the biggest hug I've ever recieved in my life. And then kissed my forehead.
This just in: I love drunks. Especially Jerrod.
His mom came home and he told me I had to leave.
Today he told me I should have stayed. How akward. They kept on asking me what girls I think are hot, and if I'd fuck girls they like.
I love seventeen year old boys.

Alex & I went to Richmond so he could get a new mobile. We smoked like bandits and went to the mall, where we ran in to Jamma. Jamma is this server from Steak 'n Shake that we've grown to love. Yadda yadda yadda and the next thing I know we're smoking a bowl in her car.
How totally random.

Later that night/early Saturday morning really, he went to her house! I'm jealous.
We're going sometime together though.

What else.

Oh yeah. I ended up going to Richmond THREE times on Friday. Once with Alex, once by myself to get my hair done and once with Stacey.
Stacey & I were crazy asses and got out of her car at a red light and started running around. I felt like I was in high school. It was sweet.

I had to work 7-5. The only good thing is having the night free and being able to get stoned during my lunch hour. Which, is what I did. I drove around aimlessly and smoked three bowls. After bowl number one I went to get lunch, but I wasn't hungry yet. I smoked the other two and imagine that, I was hungry. So, for some reason, I went to a gas station to get Chex Mix, water and a snickers bar.
Ew. I had like two bites of each then went back to work.
Being stoned made work go by quickly. And so did talking to Craig. Craig is so hilarious that it's probably illegal. We talked about how we wanted to get a monkey to hang out with. A monkey who can roll master joints and will come to work for us.
I'm so glad they don't drug test at work. There's probably more THC in my urine than actual urine. I smoked more than a half ounce in less than a week.

I've decided I'm taking a little break from my green friend since...
a. I have to smoke soooo much to get high. I want to get my tolerance down again.
b. I have no money for drugs. I don't even have money for dinner.
c. I need some clarity.
Don't I always say that?

I need clarity but I crave chaos.
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