Lindsey (voglio_cambiare) wrote,

hi ya ya.

I continue down this spiral.


I'm banned for life from the gay bar. Something about underage drinking in the parking lot, followed by puking in the parking lot from the underage drinking. Followed by throwing empty beer bottles out of the car and getting the fuck outta Dayton before the cops are called.

My drug dealer got arrested for possession. It isn't going to stop me, just slow me down since now I have to practically go to Mexico myself to get it. I really wish there was a marijuana delivery system here. I hate the process of waiting & calling & waiting & meeting & acting like you don't hate the dealer.

I had one of the best nights of my life EVER on Friday. And amazingly, there wasn't any drugs or alcohol involved. Yeah, I was surprised too. But it was complete with Megan + Tony's adorable dog, Lucy + acoustic guitar + Megan singing + laying under the stars between Megan & Alex + spotlight & getting my yell on with Tricky + MAD LIBS! + Tony. I love Tony. The funniest, old gay man who looks srikingly similar to Elvis Costello.
And there was more, but I don't remember it all.
Oh. Another good part. Megan and I were laying together and I could feel the heat from her. Well hello wet on. And we were talking and she couldn't hear me over the guitar so she leaned in close and I could smell her sweet breath and I'm a hundred percent sure that I sighed so loud.

I smoked down like a bandit on Saturday. And came up with ridiculous songs about smoking out. My brain feels like one big pot hole.

I'm regaining some clarity since I won't have pot forever. Unless the pot gods smile down upon me.

The electricity has been knocked out off and on for the past couple of days. On Tuesday Alex & I decided to go see Batman Begins and realized that all the electricity was out.... except at the theater! Haha. We were stoned & I was super fidgety.

I smoked out in the parking lot of Steak 'n Shake. Alex and I clambaked like no other. When we finally stumbled out of the car, smoke poured out. Speaking of clambaking, the other day I emerged from my room in a cloud of smoke and was overjoyed to see everyone had gone to bed. I figured it was safe to open my door and air out. Bad idea. The next thing I know, I hear my sister saying "Is something on fire? I smell smoke." I loled and said it was a candle.
I'm fairly certain my parents already know I smoke since I left my pipe in my cupholder when my dad fixed my car.
Ew. I saw him naked the other day. I'm scarred for life. He was getting out of bed and I was walking into my parent's room to get a purse or something. EWW. I'm so glad my eyes didn't focus on anything.

And Samantha tried to kiss me last night. I pushed her off of me. She smelled like beer and I already puked once. But, I watched her change in the car. When did she get so hot?
And when did I become such a creepy old stoner?
About January, I think.
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