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Things On My Mind.
1. I miss Alex.
2. I want to smoke out.
3. Why can't I sleep?
4. I'm hungry.
5. I'm horny.
6. I need to get razors. [Intution, to be precise.]
7. I hope my car doesn't break down again.
8. What's Alex doing right now?
9. Is my vagina broken?
10. Where did this bruise come from?
11. I should probably stop stealing from work.
12. God. I really want some weed. Not even to just smoke now, just to have the security.
13. Still horny.
14. Stacey's tits are a work of art. They should be painted and worshiped.
15. I should throw away all my porn.

16. I kind of want a cigarette.
17. My legs hurt.
18. I wonder if I sucked Tim's dick, he'd give me a raise.
19. I'm not sleepy at all, what's wrong with me.
20. When did I get these flea bites on my ankle.
21. Stacey's little brother is kind of cute. And totally gay. I know my kind.
22. I need to get my Florida pictures developed.
23. I hope Alex & Ryan bring back some drugs.
24. More importantly, I hope they're safe.
25. Why do I want a Whopper?
26. I miss Ryan.
27. I want to kiss Stacey.
28. And touch those boobs.
29. I can't remember shit anymore.
30. Why do Alex's parents hate me?
31. I wonder if Tim ever thinks about me outside of work.
32. What does he think about when he masturbates.
33. I think about him.
34. Where's my glass pipe?
35. I kind of want to sleep with Jennifer's husband. We have so much in common, sex would probably be killer. Plus she'd be super pissed and actually have a reason to hate me.
36. What does Jennifer sleep in at night?
37. I hate sleeping alone sometimes.

That was random enough to make me sleepy.
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