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I. I should be in Florida right now. Alex & Ryan are in the Fort Laurderale area drinking, smoking and snorting the week away. They've only been gone since yesterday but Alex called me last night and his cousin, James Brown, called me today. I'm so jealous.
Indiana sucks.
II. My mom and dad keep accusing me of calling 900 numbers. Why call them when I have porn and Chris who calls and fills my phone sex void. Seriously, it was so funny how my dad asked me. I was making and sandwich and he walks into the kitchen all nervous and goes...
"Uhm... have you been calling 900 numbers?"
Lindsey: "Uh. No. Why?"
Dad: "Well, someone has. I got the phone bill and it has two 900 numbers on it. I asked Mandy and she said she didn't."
Lindsey: "Nice to know. I'm never home to call 900 numbers, but thanks."
III. Chris is all crazy and sends me like ten texts a day. "Where are you?" "Where you been?" I finally messaged him back yesterday at work with, "Around." Haha. And then I didn't talk to him again, well until he called last night. I rambled for thirty minutes then he started in with the dirty talk, I wasn't feeling it since I'd masturbated right before he called, and after I woke up and before work, but I played along. He thought I was gettin down and dirty, but little does he know I was reading The Virgin Suicides and chainsmoking.
I got bored with it and said "Wow that was good. I'm sweaty, I'm going to go take a shower now. Night!"
I'm my own hero.
IV. I should be public assitance any time soon. I have $28.05 in the bank right now. Thank god I get paid tomorrow, but I'm just going to blow my check on pot, a new smoking device, and booze.
V. I have the next two days off and it's depressing because I have no plans. I've got no drugs, my love is in Florida, and I'm poor.


I'm going to clean out my beat-ass car and go drive around and pick up some fun.
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