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Gay Bar Part iv + MUCH more.

Okay, so Alex and I go to meet up with Ryan [James Brown] at Applebee's. I thinking that he's just going to meet us there and we're going to leave. OH NO. We eat there with his mom, aunt and later his father. He'd already had six beers in under an hour and he's ordering drinks left and right. Having dinner with him is like the movie "The Rules of Attraction." Like when the Richard/Dick character is at dinner, it was exactly like that.
We finally left Applebees and went to the gay bar. Ryan in a gay bar is out of control. He got two lap dances. I saw balls. And Ryan is way touchy on my boobs, and just way touchy in general. So that was fun.
He drinks more at the gay bar.
I try to play pool.
I run into every gay person I've ever met that lives in Richmond.
Ryan hits on every man in the place but insists that Alex is the hottest.
It's true.

We leave go to Steak 'n Shake and barely eat because we wanted to get stoned.
So we told really loud gay jokes and just acted like insane children.
Ryan tried to order crystal meth and strippers.

We left and smoked out like bandits and I was ripped. The pot that I'm smoking currently is the best shit I've ever had. It's scary though because sometimes it feels mind-numbing.
So we get to the house where Ryan is staying and we drop him off and leave him with many hugs and cheek kisses and we're on our merry little way.


The next night Alex and I go up to Megan's house after he gets off work at midnight. We can't stay long because he has graduation stuff all day and because I had to work at 11:30. We end up staying for a little over an hour, but it was beyond words.
I met a guy who I swear was a beat version of James St. James. NO FUCKING JOKE. He looked like him, he talked like him, he TRIED to be him. Never in my life have I met such a big ACTOR. So he was just impossible but Ryan found something charming in the little fella.

There was another guy I've never met there. His name was Joe and he was a little guy with braces and little stoney eyes. He's nice enough, even though he's a mute.

The regulars were there too- Megan, Tony + Mike and Tricky. Everyone was drinking, but Megan and Ryan were drunk beyond belief. They were switching off on bottles of Hot Damn and rum. It was funny for days. They try to get us to drink, but we can't stay.

We listened to music, smoked four joints and sang and talked. Megan has an absolutely beautiful voice and I love the songs we sang, a lot of Sublime and some other stuff I can't really remember. Ryan played with my boobs, Andy [or busted James St. James] gave me mean looks and touched up on Ryan. I felt like I was in some sick threeway.

We left and Ryan gave me hugs, squeezed me and kissed my cheek. I was slightly disgusted when Andy did the same. Only Andy felt me up and down and searched my pockets. It's sick how much he disgusts me, yet how much I find him likeable.

I went to graduation with Sam + David [Micheala's boyfriend]. As soon as we get there I begin scanning the hall for Ryan. I find the bitch and he abandons his mom and aunt and sits with us. He's restless so we go outside and smoke a cigarette and talk for a minute.
I want him around.

Ryan and I talk through the entire thing and we're bonding and it's just special. Next graduation is over in a flash because all of the speeches were so short. We pile outside and try to find Alex. It takes us forever and when we do he tells me he wants to go to the gay bar that night. I wasn't up for it, but he'd say he'd call.

Blah blah. Drama ensues with Sam and her ex. There were tears.

Stacey and I hang out. I talk until my throat hurts and we get dinner. Coming home I was sleepy and bored with driving so I sort of rolled through a stop sign. I looked over at Stacey and said "Stop signs are overrated." And as soon as I said that, a Wayne County sherriff pulls me over. I was so calm, I was laughing. He was the most apathetic cop I've ever met.
He didn't ask me where I was going, where I'm from, where I work, why I ran the stop sign, if there's anything in the car, if I'd been drinking, if I'd done any drugs, anything.
He just asked to see my license + registration, and asked me if I know why he pulled me over. I said "Nope." then started giggling. He asked me again and I said "Well, I did kind of roll through that stop sign." He explains that there are more cops out now doing sobriety checks and one of the signs that someone is drunk driving is running signs. Haha. He didn't even ask if I'd been drinking. Or shine his light into my car looking for stuff, or ask any questions to Stacey or anything! I'm still in awe.
I was so calm that he probably knew I was a good kid.

But I had weed and a pipe in my purse.

He didn't even tell me to be more careful the next time. He just said "Have a good night, Kiddo." What cop says that?

After that I listened to Beastie Boys and cruised around Richmond thinking about all the things I should have said to the cop. Like
- "Can you hurry up with giving me this ticket, you're killing my buzz."
- "You pulled me over because I'm gay, right. Fucking biggot."
- "Yeah I ran that stop sign because me and my girlfriend are really horny and need to get to muchin'."
I could have never said that without laughing.
- "Yeah you see my license and registration, but don't look in the trunk. I'll fuck you up if you do."

Oh, I forgot something. We saw a horrible wreck coming into Richmond. There was a pick-up truck on top of a car, a head-on collision. Blood, tiremarks and glass all over the road. There were only like two cops there at first. Then two more showed up and the fire dept and the emt. We were so freaked out after that. The road was blocked off for over four hours. I found out today that two people died and another is expected to die.
So fucked up.

These past couple of days have changed my life.
More on this later.
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