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Gay Bar Part III

Wow. Last night is so hazy it's terrifying. Really.

After work I went to get dinner at J's. Samantha was working and she told me that she wanted to go up to Celebrities that night. At first I didn't want to, but that soon changed.

Then I bought some drugs. Then I drove home and smoked some drugs in my romm. Then I masturbated twice, then ate way too much. I was so stuffed I just layed on my bed naked for an hour.

I call Stacey and invite her. I tell her I'll be there in half an hour. Fifty minutes later and one more bowl smoked, I was there. She was drunk so she wasn't exactly suspecting that I was so ripped I was going to die, or the fact that my car reeked of pot. We get to Sam's and she takes forever to get ready. I fill up a water bottle with coconut rum and peach schnapps. Quite possibly the nasiest combonation ever, but it does the trick. We stop at EP so I can get Red Bull + something to mix with. I got a blue raspberry slushie. Bad idea. There were wayyyy to many flavors in that cup.

So, Sam's driving and chainsmoking. She keeps going faster and faster. We're going 60, 65, 70, 75, and finally 80. WE GET PULLED OVER. There's a drunk ass in the front seat and a stoney-bot in the backseat and a water bottle full on booze by my leg. Sam's voice shakes when she talks and Stacey is really jittery. The cop even comments on her being jittery. We're pulled over forever and I'm so scared I almost cry. Finally he gives her the ticket and keeps asking us if we've been drinking or doing any drugs.
I almost LOL.

Alex calls and I feel terrible. I wanted him to be there more than anything. I would have had so much fun if he were here. He didn't sound mad, he sounded left out or dissapointed. Break my heart.

So I drank, all of the blue raspberry ice stuff and half of the red bull.

We arrive and pee and find one of Sam's friends. I don't feel drunk anymore. I take Sam's keys and go out to her car to get the rest of the booze. It took me five minutes to find which key goes to her locks. NO JOKE FIVE MINUTES. Finally I figure it out [she only had 4 keys, by the way. one house key and the key to her mom's Blazer were ruled out.] I got the water bottle and brought it in with my purse. I went to the bathroom where there was a drag queen and her latino boyfriend taking in Spanish. I loved it. I wanted to kiss them both. So I did.
Anyway. I down half of it in the bathroom and stumble out. For some reason my vision is fucked up and it's really hard to wash my hands.
We go back to where we were sitting, on these gigantic couches and I chainsmoke and buy water after water. Which I don't know if it helped me or hindered me because someone said that drinking water will make the alcohol affect you more but someone else said that it sobers you up. Either way. I sit there and chill and watch the drag show and watch people dance and stuff. We talk to the little waiter guy who thinks Alex is cute. He performed for the first time last weekend. He has a big drag show on the 17th, we have to go he says.
We tip drag queens and I pull out my water bottle and fill up my glass. I chug it and I don't feel anymore drunk.
I just feel there.

So I stretched out on the couch and I don't remember a lot after that.

Stacey danced with her shirt off. I sent text messages. I smoked my foot on the step to the couch. I danced for a fraction of a song until Ashlee came on. Then I gagged and went back into the bathroom. The drag queen had just performed and she was making out with her guy. It was so cute, I wanted to take a picture, but I didn't know if that was alright so I just almost passed out in the bathroom. I don't know how long I was there but Samantha and Stacey came there looking for me.

We left and got breakfast and I felt completely sober. I drove Stacey home and I drove home. Smoked a bowl and masturbated again.

I feel so weird today. I feel absolutely polluted. But I'm going to do the same thing tonight.
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Wow...what a night!

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