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Sometimes I hate thinking about the future, because I just want to live in the moment and throw everything else out the window. BUT, maybe I should start thinking about my future. Seeing as though I'm a nineteen year old kid with a lame dead-end job, with to be honest, absolutely no prospects of ever growing up and going to college. So, I've decided I'm going to take some MORE time for myself and not go to school in the fall... obviously. So, instead of worrying about school in the fall, I'm going to have a blow out summer.

Summer Plans
1. Go on at least one vacation.
2. Get a tan.
3. Go to the gay bar at LEAST every other weekend.
4. Play drunken tennis again.
5. Hang out with Megan more.
6. Stop eating like a single man.
7. Date.
Or not.
7. Find a friend to sleep with.
9. Plan Cabin Party II, and make it awesome and drama free this time.
10. Spend as much time with friends as I humanly can.

After Summer Plans
1. Go to rehab.
2. Go to the free clinic to get an abortion and some penicillin.


After Summer Plans
1. Get another job. If I haven't already been fired from the current.
2. Take art classes + writing workshops.
3. Read more.
4. Really think about my future.
5. Go on mini vacations.

Maybe I'll never find out what I want. But, I'm content right now. I really am.

Alex brought up the idea of me going to Florida with him in like two weeks. I could NEVER swing that with my boss. I've been there less than a year and I just took a ten day vacation two months ago. But I really just want to travel. I love being a stranger. I want to go to Florida again SOOO BADLY. Especially since this time would be absoulutely filled with drugs, booze, and gay boys. Which are seriously my three favorite things of all time. I thought about quitting my job, and just worrying about money when I get back from Florida. I know I can't do that though. My job, while mindless and horrible at times, is comfortable. I don't wear a uniform, I rarely do anything, plus my boss is really nice. I get queasy when I think about getting another job. They'll be a drug test [which I'll fail. I smoked today. And will smoke myself retarded in Florida.] training and a uniform. And I'd actually have to work hard and make new work friends. I'm lame squared. So, I'll just wait until something better comes along...
like an insanely rich older man who's keen on supporting my drug and handbag habits.
Yeah, that's the ticket.
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