Lindsey (voglio_cambiare) wrote,

The Same Five Questions We Always Ask.

I'm pretending that I'm a celebrity and answering The Same Five Questions We Always Ask, just like in JANE.

What secret urge do you get but never act on?
I kind of have a lot. The one I'm almost always living with is throwing EVERYTHING away. Sometimes I'll dangle my cell out the window and drive really fast hoping it'll slip out of my hands and smash on the road. I'd be devistated, but it'd be freeing.

What's the worst you've ever screwed anyone over?
Since I'm young yet, I haven't screwed anyone over too badly. I've just done a lot talking behind backs and lying.

If you were forced to get a tattoo at gunpoint, what would it be?
It would be "let go." in Alex's handwriting. It would be on my foot and it would be small and black outlined with white.

Have you ever faked an orgasm?
Absolutely. Not recently though. I'm not kidding myself anymore. If you don't get me off, you're going to hear about it.

Who's on your celeb's to make out with list?
I kind of have a sick obsession with celebrities lately. But I don't really want to make out with many of them, but just for giggles...
- Angelina, always at the top of my list.
- Damien Rice, then he could write a song about me.
- Paris, then I'd be an instant celebrity.
How sickening, I take it back.
- Billy Bob, he's so fucking hot to me. mmmm old, dirty, southern man.

If you feel so inclined, ask me any question and I'll respond in another entry.
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