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So, Saturday night/Sunday morning, Alex and I were driving around and we started talking about tattoos. We spoke of how we'd only get words because they're more important that symbols. I said I wanted to get a word, or a few words somewhere on my feet or on my shoulder blade. It's funny because I went through a period when I wanted every pericing and tattoo. I've long since recovered from that, thank god. And I'd be lying if I didn't say that I think ninety percent of tattos are ugly and pointless, but there are some that are meaningful and beatiful.

Alex comes to see me at work today and rolls up his sleeve to reveal two black printed words, outlined in angry red skin. "nothing better" it says. I am floored. I feel partially responsible, having exposed him to The Postal Service and shared my love with him. It's crazy. I know he didn't get it for me by any means, but I know that without me, it wouldn't be there. I sound shockingly selfish, but it's me.

I've decided that sometime soon I want to take the plunge. After thinking about it for several hours. [haha] I've decided that I want to get either
1. voglio cambiare. [it means "i want to change" in italian, in case you don't already know]
2. intensity.
3. let go.
I want it to be in Alex's handwriting. I love that idea. And I can't decide if I want it with black ink, red ink, pink ink, white ink or green ink. Hmmm. I want it on my foot or ankle, but not in that cheezy "rose-on-ankle" type of thing. I thought about getting a single cherry blossom at the end of the word, but that might be much.

I've got time to think about it.
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