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The "End of Days" party was cancelled. Apparently, going to Brick Street is more fun than drinking and watching movies. NEVER. I like how I'm a bitch and a flake when I cancel to hang out with Alex, but Sam+Stacey can cancel and hang out with the Joeys and I should be okay with it. I'm going to bring that up tonight. Plus, Alex is fun and the Joeys are boring and over-sexed. I hate straight men for that reason. I don't like when they relate EVERYTHING back to fucking, like it's some goddamn special thing. I can't stand being around virgin Joey because he's always talking about new positions and tricks and making Sam's stuffed animals perform sexual acts on one another.
We're back to junior high, welcome.
Let's call all of the boring breeder boys "lameosexuals".

Alex and I went to Richmond and did some BYOB shopping. [Bring Your Own Bag, for those who don't know. It's our slang for shoplifting. You bring in an old shopping bag and put a sweatshirt inside, so it looks like you're making a return or something.] He stole me a purse yesterday. I shall love it for days and days. We had fun without the aid of marijuana, which as bad as it sounds, was a complete let down. He was acting queenie and we were being big bitches to each other. I thought he hated me because it'd been since Saturday since we'd talked. Yes, that's strange.

While I was gone, my mom went on a rampage and called my cell and left a most dramatic voicemail. If I don't call she automatically thinks I'm dead in a ditch. And, she called Sam's house too and talked to her mom. It's funny that she's trying to be a parent now, when last year I stayed out all night and didn't tell her where I was going, who with or anything. Hmm. And instead of just being out with Alex, back then I was out with... well you know who.

I got carded twice yesterday. The first and most humorous time of the night was buying Unzipped for Alex. The cashier asked me if I had my id and I pulled out my wallet and held it up to her. She made some kind of face and then said she couldn't see it because of the glare, so I put it down on the counter and she studied it for far too long. Then she looked up at me, made another face and said "You're not eighteen." I scoffed and said, "Yes, yes I am." and pointed to the sentence under my picture which reads "UNDER 18 UNTIL 02/20/2004." She looked at me, dumbfounded and said "And?!" I lol'ed and said "Uh... it's 2005..." She still looked confused but allowed me to buy my homsexual porn magazine.
Then, when I was buying cigarettes the cashier asked for my id. I've never been asked to show my id in any gas station in town. It's unheard of. Maybe they're just cracking down, but still it was strange.

I felt so underage.

I feel as if I should update about something big that's been happening, but it never feels like the right time. So, instead I'll just leave you all in suspence. Ha.
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