Lindsey (voglio_cambiare) wrote,

Two Thosand Four, what a whore.

Year In Review
1. I turned eighteen.
2. I lost my innocence.
3. I graduated high school.
4. I started smoking cigarettes.
Probably a bad idea.
5. I tried some illegal substances.
6. I got my first job.
7. I've saved a hefty chunk of cash.
8. I've become closer to my friends.
9. I've become more independent.
10. I voted for the first time.

I can't really think of anything bad that's happened. Laura and I have stopped being friends, but that's not really a bad thing, since it's only logical and mutual. P doesn't talk to me anymore and Chris only uses me. But, I'm still content with this year. I wouldn't change anything that's happened.

Almost all of my favorite memories are from 2004. This is, by far, my best year.

Favorite Memories
1. Alex + Kim knocking on my window after eleven on my birthday night.
2. Seeing Monster on my birthday with Alex + Kim.
3. Playing Sorry in the bookstore.
4. Skipping school.
5. Riding in a limo on prom.
6. Crying my eyes out the last day of school.
7. Smoking with Samantha and catching up on the year we hadn't talked.
8. Chris.
9. P. and his impossible promises.
10. Steak 'n Shake.
11. Watching porn.
12. Hanging out at Exotic Fantasies.
13. Hating my first week of work sooo badly.
14. Driving with Sam and Stacey on the smoke route.
15. Getting drunk at Stacey's dad's wedding.
16. Anchorman. All four times I saw it in theaters.
17. Getting drunk and Sam's with Alex.
18. Alex's bonfire.
19. Trying pot with Megan + her roomates + Alex.
20. More Steak 'n Shake.
21. My ATM card.
22. Smoking out sooo bad at Ryan's house. We ordered a pizza and ate it all in four minutes.
23. The time I went to work hungover.
24. Becoming closer to Megan.
25. Becoming soo incredibly close to Alex.
26. The ill-fated Halloween party.
27. Buying pot for the first time.
28. Pillow fights with Sam and Stacey.
29. Becoming close to Ryan.
30. Riding in Alex's car.
31. Blazer trips to Richmond at midnight.
32. Meijer.
33. Penis Balloons.
34. Living without regret and loving it.
35. Almost wrecking with Abby.
36. After Prom.
37. Driving on the bridge that feels like it's collapsing.
38. Drunken drama.
39. Hit and run.
40. Having a crush on my boss.

I offically love my life. Even with my lack of direction and irresponsible good times, I'm in love.
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