Lindsey (voglio_cambiare) wrote,


What a fucking way to start off the New Year. Almost killing myself and getting raped.

Here's a little math equation for you all
Lindsey + two bowls + fog + unlined backroads = major swervage
Well, I turned on to a long backroad to my house and noticed that there was a van or truck behind me. Well fuck, I thought to myself. But being it a truck or van, I knew I was in the clear, police wise anyway. I'm driving along, changing from brights to dims like every five seconds, and while swerving and going about 20 mph. Well the truck/van keeps getting closer and closer and I get more and more nervous. My contacts are so dry and the road is so fuzzy. The van starts flashing it's lights at me and then it finally turned on it's hazards. FUUUCK. Undercover cop?
I throw the pipe under my seat and the pull off to the side of the road. The van pulls off behind me, then comes up to my side. He puts his window down and asks me if I need help. I stumble around for words, and finally assure him that I don't. Blah blah. I'm shaking and I seriously feel like I'm going to cry. He keeps asking me if I want him to follow me to my house, so I'll get there in one peice. I try to tell him that I haven't been drinking, and he scoffs and says "The hell you haven't." I get more nervous and scared and he said he could give me a ride or something. My palms sweat. I stammer. He asks me my name and I don't respond. He says his is Dustin. I finally respond with Lindsey. WHY DIDN'T I GIVE HIM A FAKE NAME?! He asks me if I'm 32, and it took me several seconds to realize that he meant my age. I laughed and said no and he said "Older or much younger?" I emphasised "much younger" and I told him to go ahead in front of me and that I'm fine, I just live up the road. After asking if I need his help one more time, he finally decides to go ahead of me, but not before saying "When you drink and drive, you lose." No shit buddy.
He pulls away and luckily turns the opposite way as me.
I kind of wish a cop had pulled me over so I could prove that I didn't even fucking see any alcohol tonight, yet alone fucking drink. But, had a cop pulled me over, he could have found my pipe and my sad scrapings of pot left in the baggie in my purse.
I hope I never see Dustin again. Ew. What if he comes in the store and starts screaming "THERE'S THAT DRUNK DRIVER!" and I get fired and turned in to the police?

Ahhh. I'm so stressing. Goodbye buzz.

I hope everyone had a good new years eve.

I can barely breathe. I'm so freaked out now. I wish there was someone I could talk to, but Alex is at a party now drinking and he doesn't want to talk on the phone, and all my other friends don't love me anymore. I feel like crying now so bad.
Mother fuck I'm stupid.

I hope that the first entry of the year isn't an indication for how well the year will be, because, if so, I'm seriously fucked.

I had fun besides almost dying and almost being raped tonight.

Next NYE will be spent in a hotel/motel, if I'm not dead/pregnant/in rehab by then.
I'm still shaking.

New Year's Resolutions
1. Be more fabulous.
2. Stop acting so straight.
3. Kiss Megan on the lips.
4. Stop smoking so much.
5. Mend broken relationships/ kick out emotional drags.
6. Party like a rockstar.
7. Actually make a go at college.
8. Have no regrets.

I hope everyone reading this has a great new year.
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