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ho molto da dire

let go- there's beauty in the breakdown

20 February 1986

Lindsey is... female. twenty-two. almost entirely a dyke. a hopeless dreamer. a stoner. liberal. intense. changing. independent. from a very small town. a thinker. a full time college student & full-time employee.

: sociology. cruising in the middle of the day. laying on trampolines at night. nature hikes. feeling invincible. not drinking. sing-a-longs with friends. reading. making mixed tapes. my old Buick skylark custom

: alcohol. simple-minded individuals. material goods. catty/mean girls.

my Journal
: is friends only because I'm a paranoid person who's had local people infiltrate other journals. I feel like I've had this thing forever, which is pretty damn close. I like to say I have balanced out, but I don't know how factual that is. I don't post as much as I should, but I feel compelled to do so nearly everyday.

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