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Gettin' shit done.

Today I've been super productive. I'm operating on three hours of sleep and mad caffeine. I feel like a crack head... only good. Or something.
Today I
  • wrote catherine a letter
  • balanced my checkbook
  • made some mixed tapes
  • cashed in change [being poor sucks sometimes]
  • met up with Alex while he was taking deliveries to smoke a cigarette
  • went to work to get an envelope and other things
  • went to the gas station
  • went to the post office
  • copied my taxes
  • mailed catherine's letter
  • mailed my taxes
  • met up with Alex again

    So.. that's really not much. BUT.
    When I went into work today to get an evelope, my boss asked me if I'd like to help out with voting the first Tuesday in May. And I am. I'm so excited about that. It's going to be me and probably ten elderly women rocking out at THE COUNTRY CLUB [haha] from six am until six pm. I get paid $50 [hello half oz] and get my lunch paid for. And, while I'm there, I'm going to network and see if I can actually get a real job. It's ridiculous how excited I am to do this. Normally on Tuesday I only work four hours, so I'll be making more money [tax-free! i assume??] and making a difference. Or, at least I'll surprise the hell out of some people who come in. I mean seriously. People will walk in and think, "Hey, isn't that the stoner cashier? Is this community service or something?"

    I'm like in total letter writing mood, so if anyone wants to recieve a handcrafted written masterpeice from me, leave your addresses. [Comments screened.]
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