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So, this my first time observing Daylight Savings Time. It's kind of weird, just because I was stoned as hell when time changed. I remember looking at my phone and it read 1:58, the next thing I knew, it was 3:20. But, everyone has been bitching about it. All I heard from elderly customers at work yesterday was "Why do we have to change? Why can't we just stay on real time?" And so on. There were even a bunch of people that said they weren't ever going to change, no matter what.
How sad.

Sunday was so much fun. Alex & I went to the park after he got off work. We hiked this trail, sat on a picnic table and smoked a joint and just looked at the scenery. It was lovely. One of his coworker's mother was there and she watched us park then walk up the trail. She was full on staring at us. Probably because we didn't look like we were hiking, probably just going up there to fuck. We came down and hopped in the car and started to drive out. When we got to the boat dock we were screaming along to Missy on the radio and who do we see? The K-9 unit. =/ Ewwie. This was after the night before, a cop following us in town at four am. I didn't have my seatbelt on and I was sure we were going down. We were lucky though. We were freaking out thinking "Why the fuck would the k-9 unit be here unless someone reported something..." Probably Patty, fucking cunt.

Then we were driving around town and I drove by my coworker's new house. I told Alex it would be hilarious if she was outside and I just mean mugged her and flipped her off. Well, I did, but she wasn't outside. Her fiance was. And the goofy mother fucker waved at me. I kind of planned to take out their mailbox, because it's hilarious and we haven't done mailbox rounds since 04. [See, you can totally tell I'm from a little tiny town. Where else do kids destroy mailboxes for fun? I've never cow-tipped though. I've got respect.] But I probably won't take out her mailbox since she lives on Main st. and the same block as the police station and jail. Nevermind.

I've decided I'm going to bust out my old digital camera. That's pretty exciting. I want to see what pictures are on it now. I think the last time I used it was Halloween 2004. Weird. That feels like so long ago.
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