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Nostalgia for days.

Myspace is kind of like tourture. I just spent like an hour looking at just one person's profile. I could do that all day. And, it's such a lame guilty pleasure. I don't even really like talking to anyone on it, I just like searching through all of their shit. This encouraged me to read old journal entries. Bad idea. I'm pretty much in awe of how different I am now. I was really creative back then. Back when I was young. Being twenty sucks, basically. Jokes for days, but it's weird to hang out with seventeen year olds. I want some old friends. I'd like to hang out with the elderly. I actually thought about volunteering at the old folk's home but old people hate me. Or, maybe I hate them. It's a shame, but working at a small town grocery store has ruined me. In many ways.

Today was my day off. I got a lot of things accomplished... like
- i picked up my check & went to the bank
- got my hair cut & eyebrows waxed
- took a nap
- went to the thrift store, this should count like double since I was almost toom stoned to function, it was raining, and it took like an hour to get there. I had a fantastic time once I was there, until Clint looked like he was going to die. All of the color drained out of his face and he had to sit down. This caused me to laugh for a while.
- Dropped the minor off at his house.
- Ate good mexican food with Alex then watched an episode of Aqua Teen and came home.
It doesn't sound like a lot, but I woke up early today too, plus it rained alll day, which made me lazy beyond belief. I could have easily just chilled at home all day.

Thrift Store Finds
1. wooden/ceramic bald eagle ashtray
2. glass ashtray
3. awesome dirty green ashtray
4. rainbow coffee mug
5. green & blue little cosmetic bag
6. orange & yellow comestic bag
7. yellow weekender bag
8. a shit ton of records
9. yellow, brown & orange blanket
10. shitty green soft as hell blanket
11. this adorable little folky astrology wall hanging
Some other stuff I forgot.

I like how I'll go out and randomly buy stuff for the apartment that I don't have. I need to get a better job so I can move out and actually "get my life together." Or maybe waste another year.
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