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I've been up almost twenty-four hours. I look like I'm all spun out, with my dark circles & such. I'm not tired. I'm kind of freaked out. Less than half a mile down the road, a Miami U [of ohio, of course] was dumped in a ditch & left for dead. Holy moly. Luckily he was able to walk to the nearest house... which happened to be my cousin's. Weird. He said he was bleeding out his ears and one eye was completely swollen shut. Well, he's now in critical condition. This couple picked him up at a bar or party and said they would take him home... they beat him to near death, stole his money & cell and dropped him off at an intersection. I almost drove that road home last night.

To add to how anxious this makes me... I saw Hostel last night. I'll be honest, it was the scariest movie I've ever seen. I'm not usually scared by movies, but I'm basically terrified of being kidnapped, so this just played off something inside me and made me feel so unsafe. It doesn't helped that I gagged through some parts of it. Ryan & I got ridiculously stoned before the movie & ended up at David's house. We smoked in his basement, which looked like a room in Hostel. Then.. we watch the movie & then go to buy some weed. I hate going up to his apartment, so I hang out in the car. BAD IDEA, I know, but Ryan was only up there for like ten minutes tops. But anyway. I'm freaking out in the car because I'm hearing things and this car drove by three times. He comes out & the first thing he was was "He fucking got robbed today!" Apparently someone busted in his apartment, clad in a ski-mask and held a gun to his head & took all of his money. He said the guy knew right where it was, he was familar with his place.
Fucked uppp.

And after I heard about the guy being abducted & robbed, I round out that there was a break in, robbery and rape & a break in & robbery too. It happens every other day and between the hours of 2-6 am. The suspect sounds like the same person, but how many white males with light hair are there in Oxford? Well... many. I like how I'm playing detective. I spend way too much time worrying and wondering about this. It happens everyday. It's just a coincidence... right?
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