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HOT DAMN it's shot thirty.

Wow. I drank so much last night. I pounded four shots of Hot Damn right in a row and chased it with Red Bull. Then I chainsmoked [Camel Menthol Lights], drank two beers, and took about... oh I don't know how many more shots. For a minute I thought the shot glass held about a gallon. It might have. I got up a lot, fell down more, smoked a peach blunt, broke a countertop, spilled beer all over myself, did some James Bond shit- rolling over the hood of Tyler's car. My hands and feet were basically completely black when I woke up. I can't really remember a lot of what I said, or did.
Hot Damn is a pretty good memory eraser.

I think I drove home drunk this morning. Or just really fucking hungover. I feel like shit. I don't know of booze hounds do it. When I was in Florida and I woke up with a hangover, I'd just start drinking right away. Cures that right up. What else...

I can't fucking remember.

Wednesday night I drove Kevin home after work. We smoked out and I got lost. He asked if we were going to the moon because my car sounds like a space shuttle. Tis true. NASA built my car.
After that, I hung out with Samantha and Stacey, I think.
Things are way too hazy.

Thursday night was depressing. Ryan [Sam's ex, the kid I use to work with] is on such a downward spiral. [Haha, says me.] He's started drinking every day and smoking half an oz in like three days. He drinks and goes to work. He drinks and drives.
He asked me if I missed him. I told him I did and he said he missed me so much. He misses working with me and everything. I feel bad because I only call him with I need some drugs. He called me out on that. It's not because I don't want to hang out with him, it's because he gets mad when his friends hang out with Sam, so I thought he wouldn't want to hang out with me. Either way, I'm going to start hanging out with him again. He looked so sad, yet so beautiful that night. I wish I could have taken picture after picture of him.
It's sad to see him just... decomposing like this, but he can learn so much from this, if he chooses to.

Oh yeah, I remember what I was going to say. I had the most fucked up dream when I laid down after getting home this morning. I had a dream me, Alex and Liz were at this house in Richmond and there was cocaine in fucking licorice form. YEAH. In the dream licorice cocaine was awesome and it was the best I'd ever felt. I woke up and I felt that way and I freaked out because I had to be at work later.

I really don't want to go to work.
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