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gay bar take two

I went to the gay bar again last night. In one word it was... well it can't be described in just one word. I want to say amazing, but that's not it... fun, freeing and sexy might fit better.

I'll start from the begining. Since Thursday or so, I had been in a rotten mood. I don't know what my problem is. I kind of think it's just that I'm disenchanted and bored with my life. That and I'm so unmotivated with everything. I was having a week of self-pity. So, I was trying to weasel my way out of going to the gay club. But, Alex forced me. And I'm so happy he did.

We met at Sam's house and discussed what drinks we were sippin' on. Sam chose vodka, of course. But I wanted to party with the captain, so I brought Parrot Bay. I almost completely filled a 20 oz bottle and we were on the road. We stopped at J's to get chasers, then at Shell to get cigarettes and then off we were. We sang along to feel good music and Sam and I drank. I stopped feeling sorry for myself and started feeling good again.

This is kind of boring, so I'm going to make it a list.

- We got lost and ended up in this Hooverville in Dayton. Seriously we drove around this fucking housing project for about twenty minutes because drunkasses should NOT give directions.
- Getting lost sobers a bitch right up. Even though I had a large Hi-C+rum and a red bull.
- We go in and smoke and scan the place. I text Chris and tell him to get there NOW.
- Sam realizes that she left the bottle of vodka in her purse and I realized that I left my cigarettes in Alex's car, so we both go out to his car and proceed to chug the rest of our alcohol. And I'm drunk.
- We go inside and there's a drag show. They perform to "Hollaback Girl" and I scream along with them, fall off my stool and suddenly feel like I'm going to pass out.
- I go to the bathroom because I feel like I'm dying. I proceeded to dance in the bathroom and crashed into the papertowel dispenser.
- I come back out of the bathroom and chain smoke until I feel better.
- I fall in love with a drag queen and I run up to the stage to tip her and she grabs my hand. It was looooove at first sight! Funny because that was the song she was performing.
- The drag show is finally over and they start playing Britney so we all go to the dance floor and dance for a minute. For the record, I'm a terrible dancer. I move like a robot and not in that cute way. Dancing with Liz made me feel better because she's extremely white too.
- I only dance for one song and I run back to the table to get my purse and there's some guy just standing by our table, drinking a beer. I smile and wave and he says Hi. I get my phone and take a picture of Sam and Liz dancing in the cage. It didn't come out, but I don't even care.
- Maybe it was the booze talking, or Sam's ridiculous amount of self- confidence, but she was sooo fucking attractive to me last night. I wish she would have danced with me because I would have made out with her a little.
- I sent Chris another text and I stumbled off my stool again.

Some more stuff happened but my memory is a tad hazy.

So, in conclusion, booze makes clubs better and I'm going to take dancing lessons and also take lesbian lessons.

We drove back to Richmond and ate breakfast at Steak 'n Shake and made plans to go home and get it crunk again. We came home, watched 13 Going on 30 and played MASH and had a slumber party.

What a perfect night.
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