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I fucking hate money. First off, I'm broke as a fucking joke. I have $55 and some change in my checking account. TWO WEEKS AGO I sent in my credit card bill and instead of paying the $10.00 min I paid $100.00. Well, the cocksuckers have not recieved payment. Which really pisses me off more than you would believe.
I have fucking blew through sooo much money within the past week. I dropped over a grand on the way to and in Florida. And since then I've probably dropped another five hundred.
So, I got a lovely threatening letter from the fucking credit card company, word to the wise, NEVER do buisness with First Financial Bank. They're devils and will basically try to fuck you out of every cent. [Probably like every other credit card company.] My previous bill was ONE day late and they charged me a $37.00 late fee. And now that all this bullshit is going down they charged me almost $82.00. This doesn't sound like a lot to people out in the real world, but my card only has a $150.00 limit! So as of now my balance is over $209.

So in conclusion, I'm going to take a gun to the post office and kill all of them, then to the bank then to Iowa or Idaho or whereever the fuck the dumbass credit card company is.
Okay, not really, but I'm mega angry.
Like fucking HULK angry.

It would be nice if I could pay this shit online but the fucking company charges me nine dollars to do that. In my world nine dollars is substancial. It's three packs of smokes, a movie ticket and half of a drink, almost half a tank of gas, or two lunches. GODDAMN THE MAN.

From now on, I can apparently only spend money on bills [I only have two. Credit card and my cell] and gas. I'll just steal cigarettes from now on.

This really fucking puts a damper on me going on a shopping spree on Friday.

I'm glad I weasled my way in to getting more hours this week.
I think I'm going to get a second job and stop eating. I swear to god I'd save so much money if I didn't eat.
I think I'll try that.

And when I pay this bitch off, I'm charging to high heaven again. MAX THAT SHIT OUT... again.
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