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Ladies and Gents, Jesus Claus is real! Here's the proof... after months of ignoring me, P left me a merry x-mas message. Unless, this is some really mean joke. Maybe my phone was acting up.
I'm excited either way.

I'm in an exceptionally good mood. This could be attributed to the X-Mas cheer I smoked on the way home from Grannie's. Yum. Many thanks to Jerrod, the supercarryout boy. I bought for the first time on the 24th. Just a bowlfull, at it was a mere 2.00. A steal!!

I would make one of those silly list detailing everything I got, but I'll spare you all. [Yeah, it surprises me that I opt to not list evvverrything too.] But, some of my favorites weeeereee...
- My turntable/cd player. I'm in fuuucking love.
- To Wong Foo on dvd. You don't know how I've loved this movie. I watched it for the first time when I was like thirteen and since then, I've been addicted to glamor.
- black + red checkbook wallet. It's silly how I'm soo excited about a wallet, but it's go organizational.
- Eternal Sunshine cd
- grass green camisole
- cd player for my car. Sadly, this means no more rocking out to my Tiffany cassette.

I don't know why, but I looked fucking cute today. I look so young right now. I wish I would have taken a picture before I got all slanty-eyed and silly, because I was a sight. Now I'm just rocking out my new pink+green+cream stipe flannel pants, grass green cami and a pj top that I got when I was like eleven. It fits like some kind of sex blazer. I want to sleep in the same bed as someone tonight.


Alex and I met up to exchange presents today. We met at Shell, exchanged, smoked and read part of his present. I got him Friction, which I'm fairly certain is the best book of gay erotica. He bought gas, and we drove over to the store's parking lot and sat there reading and drinking hot cocoa. I love how I can just sit with him and be so happy. This boy means the world to me.

I exchanged presents are grannie's house. Talked and listened to my crazy Great Uncle's jokes. He's plum goofy. I played with the dog and it a family tradition, we watched A Christmas Story. Blah blah.
On the way home, I thought, gee I should smoke a bowl. And soooo I did. I ended up driving around for thirty minutes, just aimlessly wandering around back roads. It was so calm and serene. And there was some awesome nostaglic rap music on today. I kind of just wanted to stay in the car forever.

But, instead, I eventually made my way home and set up my record player. I listened to The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind soundtrack and almost wept. Next, I listened to my Dolly Parton record, but I wasn't in the mood, so I watched To Wong Foo again. [For the third time today.] I ate dinner and laid in bed reading and being happy, warm and comfortable.

I saw my phone light up with a vmail noticed and I listened. It was Alex reading erotica to me. I returned his call and we talked about our day some more and he read more sexy. He's jealous because I smoked a bowl without him, but he took like six pills so he shouldn't be so hasty. We're in the works of making plans for NYE, but I'm not certain what we're doing. We might just drive around, listening to music, talking and stoning and zoing out.

Ugh. Now I'm coming back to reality and remembering that I have to work at one in the afternoon. =/
And on top of it all, maybe I just imagined the P thing. Nope, it's still there. It was just a Christmas Miracle, and now that it's 12/26, he can go back to forgetting I'm alive.

All things considered, I had an awesome day celebrating commercialism and greed. I hope you all had a good holiday too, even if you did it in the played out religious way.
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